My Review on Jordan Shoes – Personal Experience

Hello everyone, I am back with my personal experience on the best shoe brand Jordan. As we all know Air Jordan is a sub-brand for the Nike. Nike is one of the world’s largest selling Brand and also they are well-known for their quality. I’ve been using from many years, As a loyal customer to the Jordan brand, I want to give you some pros and cons about my present Air Jordan 5 Retro foot on review. In fact, I bought these shoes last year, So, I want you to share with you, my personal views on this product Air Jordan 5 Retro low.

air jordan retro

As these shoes belong to the Sports category these are very convenient when we wear them in the morning workout and in outdoor games and sports. I’m using these shoes for my jogging and some workouts in the early morning. before judging this product I will give you some specs and features of this AirJordan 5 Retro.

My Personal Experience

Well, I bought these shoes in December 2016, and till now I didn’t get any issues with it. I almost use these shoes daily for my workout in the morning. One day I was in my daily routine, in the early morning I was sending to my friends these good morning images with nature. My friend jane met me and he noticed my newly brought Jordan 5 retro and she loved them. She praised my choice and she also brought these shoes immediately on that evening.

nike air jordan review

These shoes are best for workouts and shoes. Actually, these shoes are especially launched for basketball players with better grip and comfort. But, these are very useful to me in my day-to-day life and gave me immense pleasure while wearing them. I’m using these shoes for 3 months, so I thought that why not give a review, pros and cons of this product. The following are the pros and cons of the Air Jordan 5 retro.

Review On My Air Jordan 5 Retro Shoes

Following, I will give you the pros and cons for better understanding about this Air Jordan 5 retro shoes. These pros and cons are true of my views and my experience only.


  • Extreme quality.
  • Great Structure of shoes.
  • Best Comfort while wearing for a long time.
  • Great quality of leather which shines brighter.
  • Flat and thin structure gives you the better feeling.
  • Purely waterproof.
  • Can be used for all types of floor.


  • Becomes sticky in Muddy puddles.
  • Only useful for sports people.
  • Price is a Bit High.

Final words

So, friends hope this review will give you clean opinion on these shoes without any bias. If you like this then don’t forget to share your reviews in the comment section provided below. Also, share this with your friends and family on the social networking sites. Thank you for visiting our website. Keep visiting for more updates on recent launches of these Jordan shoes.

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