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My experience on Air Jordan X (10) Retro Sports Shoes

I brought these AIR Jordan X Retro Sports Shoes last week. So, I thought why not I would give an overall review on all the aspects of this shoes like contract, model, fit etc. And now I’m here with the review, read this review on Air Jordan Shoes. This is my personal review on the air Jordan shoes of model Jordan X 10 Retro, which I’ve brought on last week and I am fully satisfied with them in most of the aspects, but in some cases, this has some negatives too which I wanna share with you.

air jordan 10 retro shoes

As we all know Jordan is a substitute from the most popular shoe company Nike, which is popularly known for its sports shoes. So, before two years this air Jordan brand has been launched especially for the basketball players. These are exactly the basketball shoes but we can also use it for my workouts and morning walks. These shoes are apt for the workouts and sports. I brought these shoes for my daily walking, jogging and also workouts.


One day, I wore these shoes and got out in the early morning with the headphones in my ears and playing my favourite tracks in the new music streaming app called Download Spotify Premium Apk in which I can get the largest collection of trending music in it. My Friend Sammy met me and we had a chat about these shoes. We have discussed several factors about these shoes which now I Will share with you about the each and every aspect about the shoes.

Detailed Review about Air Jordan X 10 Retro Shoes

Design and Look:

As part of the looks these shoes are best, they look heavenly cool and the design was very trendy and also they are very attractive to others. So when we wear them and go outside, everyone’s eye turns towards our shoes and everyone will ask where would we brought that. This is about looks, below I will say you about this shoes in each and every aspect.

design air jordan

Grip and Holding:

 Well, while coming to the grip and traction of these shoes, these are with fine grip and we can walk or run or jog in any places like slope areas. You can use them for your workouts for rolling front and back. So, in the aspect of  Grip, I will say it is the good and comfortable in all types of roads. Overall the Air Jordan X can keep up with the best of them just as other models.

Leather and inside Cushion:

While coming to the leather and cushion of the shoe, we cannot see the smooth inside the shoe models of air Jordan. But, once you wear these you can know the actual comfort and they will take care of your legs without any damage, they will safeguard you with the best console and high-quality fabric. And while coming to the leather outside is completely waterproof and also got high-quality leather which will not make the mud stay around it, it is so smooth and very convenient and flexible to wear.

air jordan shoes

Fabric and Material:

Well, personally I love the fabric used in this shoes which are very justifiable for this price tag. And also we can see the different of the quality when compared to other company shoes. As these are synthetic based sneakers which will last longer. And also the feeling is different when you wear this best quality of handcrafted sneaker made with all the organic materials which make your legs fresh even after long time wearing.

air jordan x review


This is one of the negative aspects of the app, except in the tongue-shaped area mess; there is no ventilation for the shoe. If the ventilation is your first priority in purchasing these shoes then I will not recommend this to you. But basing on the remaining aspects this was good to buy and wear.


This Air Jordan X 10 Retro has almost all the positive points when compared to the negatives. So, overall this shoe is perfect for the on-court option. So, they are widely used in basketball courts because of the grip. Despite the negative claims of the customers or users. I can say this is one of the best releases ever in terms of material. So this is the overview and my own experience on these air Jordan X 10 Retro shoes.

Top 15 Nike Jordan Women Heels Collection

Top 15 Jordan Women Heels Collection:

Hello friends, here we are going to show you the brand new models released by Nike Jordan women heels. Here you can see the beautiful collection of Jordan heels for women. These Jordan heels for women are the subsidiary of Nike, the number one shoe company and thereby search for the shoes in the and buy them in the online or on your branded shoe stores nearby in your city. You will Definitely and Undoubtedly love this Jordan heels women’s collection. Check out the following Jordan women heels images and enjoy.

Jordan Women Heels Images:

















These are the best collection you can ever see. this collection includes beautiful images and information about the high heels for Jordan heels categories. These are most unique designs created ever by the Nike considered Jordan. Hope you like these best collection of Jordan heels for women, if you like them please do share them on Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, Instagram etc. Also, give your views in the comment section given below.

Top 10 awesome Air Jordan Shoes Collection

Dear friends, we all know about the best top 10 collections of air Jordan shoe collection which you will jaw-drop once you look at them. The Air Jordan is a subsidiary of Nike company, these were originally released in the year 2007. these model of shoes were designed by Tinker Hatfield. these are the sports shoes which come under the Nike brand name but known well as Jordan shoes. It is a unique model preferred by the basketball players especially.This is the first basketball shoe produced by “Nike Considered” category, for using materials from not more than 200 miles from a Nike Factory.

Best Collection Of Air Jordan Shoes:











Final Words:

These are the best shoes ever came from the Nike subsidiary. This Air Jordan collection of shoes is specially made for you to surprise you. These all shoes are available in all online shopping websites like amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc. You can also get them in all the branded shoe shops. But The price must be a bit higher. So, you have to think once before you buy and select a good piece for the reasonable price tag. Don’t forget to compare this product with other products spec. Hope you like this collection, for more Jordan shoe collection stay tuned to our website. Thank you for visiting our website.