How to get paid apps for free Using Jordan Technique

Paid apps for free

Most of the apps in app store are paid and this is the reason you are devoid of some good apps which will make your pockets heavy. You have always been ignoring the paid apps and have always trying the free ones. The paid apps are worth trying but I am not telling you to buy those apps but instead I am telling you to look for alternatives to get paid apps for free which is definitely going to add cherry over your cake. You don’t have to struggle in order to get some good apps for accessing paid apps. Here in the latter part of the article you will get to know about various ways to get those paid apps for free. Let’s have a look at them.


Mobile Market

Don’t be confused with 1 Mobile Market which is available on Play Store as that contains limited games and apps. Though some free apps are available on the version which is available on Play Store but it is not the version which I am talking of. The actual version is available on their website and in that version one upgrade has to be downloaded. When you download that upgrade you will be able to download the paid apps on your device without paying any bucks. While if you will be downloading 1Mobile Market from Play store then while downloading the paid apps it will get redirected to Play store.

Black Mart

It is a perfect alternative to Google Play Store. You don’t need any registration if you want to access Black Mart. It is really good application to use to get paid apps for free. You will get many cracked paid apps here and it is really reliable. So you need to download Black -Mart in order to get paid apps for free. You can download Black-Mart apk file from Google. Install the app and then open in your mobile. You can then search the paid app in its search bar. Then you will get search results and then you can click on download button for downloading the paid app. isn’t it great? Yes it is as that you can really access paid app for free by using Black Mart.


It is one of the oldest site to download paid apps for free. You have to make account over here to access the files and folders. Here, you will get many paid things for free. Not only games and apps but along with that music, movies, zip files and other things. This is basically a forum over which people only upload cracked version of apps and music files. It is basically a repository. This site has very high speed servers so you can get the app in just few seconds. You can browse for the file you want to download and then download the apk file using high speed servers. Only one disadvantage of this app is that you encounter with many unreliable files over here.

So, after downloading these apps you can easily access paid apps for free. The best thing about these apps is that there is no need of jail breaking your device. This means your warranty won’t be ended just to access some paid apps. These apps are going to serve your purpose. Now, you will be able to get to know about 2 more apps which will make your job easy.

Mobo genie

It is very similar to 1Mobile as it also has a limited version present on Google Play store and full extended version is available on its website. Not only games are available on it but paid music and e-books are also available. You can even download YouTube videos on your phone directly with the help of this app. It will also help in cleaning the junk files so that your phone can run faster. In fact you will also be able to see the weather forecast. You are getting so many things under one option. Isn’t it great? Yes it is.

Drastic App

This an amazing app which you can use to download paid games for free. You will be able to play your favorite games with the help of Drastic App. It is a very useful app so that you can enjoy the paid games in your device. It also helps in improving the customization of the game and helps in increasing speed of the awesome game, in order to play this game and emulator is required that is drastic ds emulator apk download which is available for free. With the help of drastic app you can really enjoy a lot especially games.


So, with the use of these apps you will be able to download the paid apps for free. Isn’t it amazing? You are saving your money though I am not advising you to be parsimonious. But getting an app in free is just like icing over cake. Don’t wait much. Just start using the paid apps for free now.

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