Why Every One should Use My Boy Apk At least Once In Your Android Device

My Boy Apk is one of the best among various emulators involving most innovative features and super fast emulator. This helps in combining the Bluetooth, Customization and most innovative emulation into one single package. There are multiple reasons for choosing My Boy than other emulators. Here the present article shows

Why Everyone Should Use My Boy Apk At least Once On Your Android Device:

  1. High-End Emulation
  2. Paid Goodies
  3. Final thoughts

High-End Emulation:

When we come for My Boy, It has multiple features and can expect from top-tier Game Boy Advance Emulator app. This helps in reproducing the various games up to 6 FPS on the medium end devices providing greater compatibility rates.

Most of the developers will come up with the complaint raising that consuming a lot of battery power but when we come for My Boy it saves the battery life. One can change the layout, size, transparency, and also selection of on-screen buttons. Most supported Hardware controllers will be available and the only thing will be lack of save state support in the free version.

Paid Goodies:

The Paid version of My Boy Apk generally costs 5$ but we are here to provide free of cost. This will come up with including the cool features. Link Cable Emulation will be provided for free from present article. This mainly allows connecting to Bluetooth and crossplay. Most of the users have come up with the complaint say link play will work between the identical ROMs and it means there will be no trading between Fire Red and Leaf Green, unfortunately. The My Boy consists of game rounds out with extra say 16x fast forward, emulation state saving, multi-line cheat codes, multiple screen layout profiles and so on.

Final Thoughts:

Even though it is expensive, we are here to provide for free and can install. One can have fun by installing the app and offers high-quality emulation. If you’re interested in, definitely will prefer My Boy at least for once in your Android device.

The most important thing as the user has to keep in mind is, My Boy will not be available in Google store. To get this, one should take permission in Android device to install. For this, You have to go for Settings-> now go for applications and select unknown sources. The very next step can download without any failure.

Thereafter grab the Bios file. And the code will be copyrighted to Nintendo, so instead of getting legal bind, developer helps to find, download and install by yourself. One can directly download in your phone, PC and later getting to the device via a cable. To find bios, one should click on browse and select the file that is needed. These are the ROMs and will be very easy to find. One can control it with the help of virtual buttons like hit the menu button-> choose input settings to configure the entire gamepad or Xperia plays controls.


The present article tells you why really we choose My Boy than others. For any doubt raise, can comment in the below section. For more information, visit walsho.net.

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