Top 5 Android Games of 2017 Reviewed By JordanShoes

Android Games

These days games are a part and parcel of our life which brings adventure in our lives. When we play games we feel as if we are really in dreamland and it takes us away from all kind of worries. Let’s now look at 5 android games which are provided by the jordanshoes. This jordan shoes has involved in the filed of games and have brought up the latest 5 games in the year 2017.

android games
1. Reigns:

The game is somewhat different and outstanding. In it you will really feel as if you are in dream land. You have to effectively run your kingdom by managing advisors, witches, citizens and other characters. You have to take some decisions and these decisions will impact your reign. By these decisions you will manage religion, citizens, army and treasury. One wrong decisions of yours will end up your reign. Game will not be over as you will become successor of king if you will last longer than King. It is really a game which is stupendous and a must game to play.


2. The Battle of Polytopia

It is based on turn – based strategy game like Civilization franchise. You have to choose any one tribe amongst many tribes. The game has cartoonish graphics and it is great to play this game on phone. If you want to take a bigger challenge then you can add many more opponents and it is absolutely free to download. You can play this game while you are commuting and in fact if your game is not completed you can pause and resume it later.


3. After The End: Foresaken destiny

It is a puzzle game in which background is of dessert. The game focusses on father and son along with the challenges they face in their path. In this game you have to maintain the coordination in such a way that they both can be saved from all types of obstacles. It is a paid game and the interface of the game is very user friendly. The stages become more difficult as we go to next level from ongoing level.


4. Pokemon Go

This is a game which is based on virtual reality and is really liked by people a lot. In this the people who are playing the game are unaware about each other’s personality. They are Pokemons and they move here and there to find the other Pokemon whom they want to attack. It has literally made public addicted. People are now waiting for its next release of pokemon go android download. Till now if you have not played the game then you should play the game once.


5. Heart Star

It is a game in which you can swap between 2 different characters who can walk on certain surfaces. You have to maintain teamwork between these two. It has good sound and graphics. You should play the game once. When you will progress from one level to another the level of difficulty increases.



So, after knowing about these games you should try all of these games once and try to kill your time. You will really enjoy a lot. All these are reviewed by the jordanshoes, as a result we provide the collection of them for you. All the best!!

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